Support Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival

Invest in empathy and support FlagShakes today. 

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival has been the combined effort of artists, administrators, and those who love classical theatre from its very genesis. However, bringing high-level artistry that celebrates the language of the stage is no small feat. It has always required the dedication and support of committed people like you, who invest in the advancement and globalization of empathy as a staple in our culture.
The benefactors who pledge their financial support so the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival can play an ever more vital role in the Flagstaff cultural scene are called the “FlagShakes Celestial Friends.” To become a friend, you can be an individual or corporate sponsor or make a one-time or recurring donation.
Every donation makes it possible for us to attract and pay professional actors and directors and provide training and support to this still young and growing company.
If you share our vision of building an enduring Shakespeare festival that is vital to our town’s economy and quality of life, please consider joining the FlagShakes Celestial Friends.

Thank You to our Generous Donors

The following individuals and businesses are greatly appreciated for their monetary support of FlagShakes! People who have given since January 2019 are listed here. We make every effort to present an accurate list, but if we missed you, let us know!

FlagShakes Sponsors: 

  • Northern Arizona University Community Foundation
  • Flagstaff Arts Council
  • Flagstaff 365
  • BBB of Flagstaff
  • Shakespeare Theatre Association
Monthly Donors in bold
  • Flagstaff Arts Council
  • Anonymous
ALTRUIST (2,500+) 
  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • AZ Commission on the Arts
  • Ron and Linda Borkan
  • Ken Brown
  • Blake and Theresa Coleman
  • Karen Kinne-Herman & Maury Herman
  • Eric Souders
PATRONS (1,000+)
  • Michelle & Mickey Abeshaus
  • Antoinette and Stephen Beiser
  • Lisa Jobin & John Durham
  • Mike Loven
  • William & Mary Way
  • Roberts Family Foundation
  • Clare Schneider and Drew Barringer
  • Chris Scully
  • Linda and John Spahn
  • BRIX
  • Fratelli’s Pizza
  • David and Debra Greshke
  • Jed Hayes
  • Karma Sushi
  • Joy Mosley
  • Jan & Mac Rominger
  • Uptown Pubhouse
  • Village Baker
FRIENDS (250+)
  • Barre3 Flagstaff
  • Floye and John Bradford 
  • Myrna Rodriguez Carter
  • Bill Chameides
  • Elizabeth Chesterman
  • Alex Cohen-Grey
  • Julie Hammonds
  • James Hammonds
  • Tom & Dorlee Henderson
  • Evan Honeyfeild
  • Marie Jones 
  • Nancy Kuefler
  • Terri Mosley
  • Paul Palley
  • John Propster Jr.
  • Redonda Rominger
  • Donelle Ruwe and James Leve
  • Dianna Sanchez 
  • Diane Sheridan
  • Sandi Smith
  • Shirley Stanhope
  • Dawn Tucker
  • Ron Tuckman
  • Randy Whitaker
  • Sat Sansar Kaur & Sat Sansar Signh Best
  • Shannon Black
  • Iric and Darlene Burden
  • Andy Cahoon
  • Tony Calabro
  • Glenn Condon
  • Kristen and Daniel Downs
  • Lynn and Bob Edwards
  • Mark and Vicki Foster
  • Juanita Heyerman 
  • Suzanne Jobin 
  • Erwan Leone
  • Debra Lyman
  • Carol Lynde
  • Steven Mastroieni
  • Tony and Joyce Muller
  • Brad & Laura Nicol
  • Jim Novak & Ann Beck
  • Jane Oliver
  • Alison Perris
  • Micheal F. Reidy
  • Sarah Schalick
  • Linda Scott
  • Joan Swenson
  • Derek Swire
  • Jean Toner
  • Artie Velarde
  • Selden Wasson
  • Janet and Ron Zaritsky
Donors ($50+) 
  • Anonymous
  • Todd Barnell 
  • James Cawthon
  • Wendy Evans
  • Naissa Foster
  • Eiko Garcia
  • Susan Graves
  • Glenda and Gene Hill
  • Larry Lang
  • Leverington 2015 Family Foundation
  • Paul Mallis & Dani O’Connell
  • Peter Pilles and Anne Worthington
  • James Marzolf
  • Paul Menzer
  • Mason Richard
  • Myles Schrag
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Phyllis & Sam Wolfskin