As You Like It




You’ve never seen Shakespeare like this! Welcome to the world of massive online role player games: a place where you can escape reality and become anything you can dream of. Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival is thrilled to announce our upcoming virtual gaming adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It. Directed by James Cougar Canfield and filmed by actors all over the United States, this quirky production will be digitally released for streaming beginning September 11, 2020. Equipped with 16-bit animation and avatars by Nathan Leigh and a nostalgic video game score by Sean Golightly, this film is sure to delight!

“I saw As You Like It, directed by James Cougar Canfield, and I absolutely loved it. The amount of creativity and imagination was amazing. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to see a play virtually – much less Shakespeare – but it was one of the most fun nights I have had in a while! Every actor was wonderfully talented. I was consistently captivated by the artistry and attention to detail. The video game theme was so out of the box and fun, I felt like I was really a part of not only a theatrical experience but immersed in the game. I cannot say enough about how innovative and brilliant I thought this show was. I can’t wait for the next Flagstaff Shakespeare show! I am definitely now a life long fan!”
– Katie Langley

“It’s difficult to express how much the performance of As You Like It affected me. Like the rest of us, I’ve been isolating at home for months. When not working on my computer, I see movies on Netflix or listen to music on my phone. It’s been like this for months. When I arrived at the performance, we were met by (masked) friendly faces, ushered to our parking spot, and then fed delicious local pizza. When the band started to play, it caught me off guard since we were distance sitting with friends. For me, the live music was overwhelming, making me cry and reminding me that my soul requires music to survive. I felt human again. When the music ended, we retreated to our cars and spent two hours watching a wonderful rendition of As You Like It. The event reminded me of what is important in life, art and live performances.” 
– Luis Fernandez