Season Tickets

2021 Ticket Prices
 $18 Student/Senior, $25 General Admission, $50 Benefactor

Season Ticket
4 shows and one special events*


General Admission
Value: $125
Price: $106.25 (15% discount)

Value: $90
Price: $76.50 (15% discount)

Benefactor: all shows and events*
Price: $250

*single-occupant ticket for events such as the drive-in, additional occupants must be paid for unless also Season Ticket holders.

Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream will also be available as films roughly 3 weeks after opening. Everything else listed as film will be available to watch on the date listed. Season Ticket can be used for in-person viewing or to watch the film version. You can decide how to view at any time.