Winter’s Tale Director’s Notes

What would you say if everyone you loved came back for just one day? Where would you go? What would you do?

Winter’s Tale is a tale of loss and redemption. Historically a winter’s tale was something told by the fireside to entertain and keep the dark shadows at bay. Shakespeare titled his play “THE Winter’s Tale,” presumably, to make known this was the last winter’s tale anyone would ever need. His play has everything one wants in a story and would become the only tale needed for a dark and stormy night. He was right.

Among many things, this play shows the duality of humanity set amid the two extremes of our seasons: winter and summer. Shakespeare starts us in Sicilia in winter, juxtaposing the harsh elements with the joy of the court. We end up in summertime Bohemia, a time of joy and rebirth. A pastoral place filled with whimsy and laughter where anything can happen. I wanted to portray this duality in our casting by doubling our characters. Our company gets the opportunity to delve into all aspects of human nature as they take on two or more contrasting roles.

The Winter’s Tale comes at the end of Shakespeare’s career. He will pen one more masterpiece, The Tempest, before retiring to Stratford-Upon-Avon. We can see the brilliance and complex nature of his poetry in these final plays. He has learned much during his life as an artist. And, as we sit in this theater in 2019, there is still so much we can learn from his poetry. How to forgive, how to live life to the fullest, how to love completely, and how to keep faith no matter “destiny say no.” As an audience, we can find a piece of ourselves in every character on this stage. I invite you to lean into this story. Listen to these words and the emotional storytelling behind them. Come with us, and experience a world where actions may have consequences, but ultimately dreams do come true.

Thank you for supporting live theater and for keeping the arts alive. Enjoy!

Amie Bjorklund

Director, Winter’s Tale

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