Indecent Director’s Notes

Every day, on my way to rehearsal, I drive past the location of Chabad’s future

Molly Blank Jewish Community Center and see hundreds of tinfoil hearts glittering as I go by. I am reminded of the ability of a community to come together in support and love despite the hate and ignorance that somehow still exist

today. Our plan and process for Indecent began long before the disgusting
(inhumane, sad, unconscionable) vandalism at Chabad of Flagstaff, but only after that did I truly understand the urgency of telling this story.
In a community like Flagstaff, it can be easy to mistakenly believe that we are far removed from anti-Semitism and hate crimes. The Flagstaff community needs and deserves theater that inspires empathy and connects us to the human experiences that bring us all together. It is inspiring to see so many

people come together in a moment of need to support the local Jewish community, and I hope we will be embracing, and celebrating, diversity all the time. Our goal when undertaking this journey was to elevate empathy. Through truthful playwriting and the dedicated craft of our skilled actors, I hope you laugh, I hope you cry, and more than anything, I hope you enjoy the show.

Cameron Scully
Director, Indecent

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