Covid-19 Policy

The health and safety of Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival company members and patrons are of utmost importance, and if/as new information about Covid-19 develops, FlagShakes will determine if in-person rehearsals and performances can proceed as scheduled, or if alternative methods need to be made to ensure everyone’s safety.

While on contract with FlagShakes:
The following are requirements that are currently in place. As there may be requirements that have not yet been discovered or determined, this is subject to change and company members will be notified immediately.

Requirements for ALL


  • Social distancing from all non-household/bubble persons who are not also in the production, EXCEPT for essential activities during the rehearsal and performance period.
    • Determined and amended according to CDC guidelines
  • Strictly adhering to CDC guidelines, including but not limited to frequent hand washing, social distancing, wearing a face covering, covering coughs and sneezes, monitoring symptoms, and cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Mask wearing (covering nose and mouth) anytime you leave your place of residence while on contract when social distancing is not possible outdoors, and while inside a building that is not your residence or the filming venue.
  • Refrain from attending events, parties, etc… where social distancing or CDC guidelines can not be met or maintained.
  • Self-monitoring for symptoms of Covid-19 and practicing enhanced hygiene.
  • Strongly encouraged to get a flu shot prior to the start of the contract.
  • Covid-19 testing at least once a week. Fridays are the day each week that company members are expected to take a Covid-19 test
  • When out-of-town company members first arrive in Flagstaff, and if they, or Flagstaff-resident company members, leave town during the contract, they must take a Covid-19 test within 24 hours of arriving back in Flagstaff.


  • Temperature checks and answering a Covid-19 symptoms questionnaire are required before entering the rehearsal/performance space. Any company member with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and/or who is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms that are not caused by another condition will be asked to leave and should take a Covid-19 test asap, self-quarantine, and contact a doctor.
  • Immediate hand washing upon entering the rehearsal and performance building.
  • When possible, in-person rehearsals will be conducted outdoors. Limitations that could prevent outdoor rehearsals include, but are not limited to, inclement weather (rain, snow, cold, etc..), and lack of sufficient sunlight. 
  • During indoor rehearsals, company members not currently working may be asked to wait in the venue lobby, in a separate room at the venue, or in their car to limit the number of people in the rehearsal space.
  • Rehearsals will have all personnel masked.
  • FlagShakes will provide hand sanitizer, and we also encourage company members to bring their own in order to reduce contact with high touch surfaces.
  • Props and costumes may only be touched by the actors who use/wear them, by the props and/or costume designer, and by production/stage management.
  • Company members will assist in keeping the rehearsal space sanitary. This includes, but is not limited to, being mindful of surfaces they touch and where they place their belongings, sanitizing props, costumes, or chairs used (where belongings are kept while waiting offstage or in rehearsals). Sanitizing wipes will be provided on the props table for this.
  • Water and small snacks may be consumed while in the space. Company members will distance themselves from the group and sanitize their hands before and after touching their mask.
  • Company members will be given a designated seat to use each time they are in the space. This will limit the number of surfaces with which they interact.
  • In order to keep items separated, company members will be provided their own storage bin/basket to use for their rehearsal materials. Company members will also bring their own writing utensils and highlighters.’


Requirements for OUT-OF-TOWN ARTISTS

  • A negative Covid-19 test result 72 hours before arriving at their host home.
  • Cleaning, following a checklist provided by FlagShakes, prior to departing your host home.
  • Any additional in-house rules at the host’s request. This may include but is not limited to: masks in the common areas in the house for the first week, additional cleaning procedures, etc. The Housing Manager will communicate these requests from your host prior to your arrival.


Requirements for DIRECTORS

  • Avoidance of intimacy or violence that requires face touching, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Rehearsals will have all personnel masked until tech week, when only actors may be unmasked when necessary.


Requirements for STAGE MANAGERS

  • Disinfect all high traffic areas prior to rehearsal – bathroom, dressing room, etc. 
  • Disinfect props and high touch surfaces with the help of the actors who use them. Sanitizing wipes will be provided on the props table.

Company members agree to follow company policies and procedures in regards to Covid-19 exposure prevention measures.

FlagShakes understands that life happens, and sometimes circumstances arise that are unavoidable. If a company member is unable to fulfill one or more of the agreements above, they pledge to speak honestly with FlagShakes’ Executive Director and Production Manager in order to work together to devise a plan to become compliant for the overall safety of the shared work environment.

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